S.C.U.V. Manifesto – Ducklingmonster


The Society for Cutting Up Venues Manifesto as written by Ducklingmonster in collaboration with Uniform.

  •  !No Venues!
  •  Do not pay to play.
  • Use ALL of a space – play in the windows, stairwells, cubby holes, car park, roof top, middle of the room, in the corner, in front of a film, behind a curtain, whatever!  Play the sonic architecture / ride the lightning. As a performer you should be allowed to define your performance and that includes using a space how you want. 
  •  Social media is a venue. Cut it out or cut it up.
  •  Be loud. If you get noise controlled THEN turn down. Talk to your neighbours. Let people know what you are about and what they can expect. Most people won’t call noise control if they know an end time for the noise. Its the fear of never-ending that irritates people.
  •  Let people practice and record in the space – make the space useful
  •  We will not damage the artworks … we are the artworks
  •  Don’t worry about audience size or being paid – this isn’t where the real value is.
  •  Play in your local park. Picnics for the people. Use a branch as a mic stand, a park bench as a stage, the slope as an amphitheatre, and the flying-fox as a stage entrance.
  • Ghetto-blasters are your PA. Pignose.
  • Get an umbrella for your laptop.
  • Cut up the audience space / stage dichotomy with dance, film, friendliness and awkwardness
  • Play when you want to. Day shows on the weekend.
  • Hang n fang.
  • Make a space useful. Let people practice and record in the space.
  • This Summer turn your rotary clothesline into a marquee. On any sunny day or balmy eve it will be the best nightclub in your suburb.
  • Articulate how you want to sound. Be your own sound person, or communicate assertively with the sound person. You know how you want to sound and venues can be bullies. “I want the drums to sound like cardboard boxes” ,“I like the guitar jagged and cutting out”, “I’m going to scream” are all valid statements.

Uniform is an Auckland based arts collective who like to big talk then get things done. We are putting on some shows around Auckland this Summer. We want to share ideas. What do you think of spaces, places and noise? Where do you play? Cut it up in the comments field below…..


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